Robert immigrated to Canada in 1820 or 1821 with his brother Henry.
He originally settled in Hinchinbrooke, Quebec near Huntingdon, later moving to St. Chrysostome, Quebec.
Several of his children settled in the United States. Henry Joseph settled in Australia.
Robert, Rachel and several of their children are buried in the Russeltown Church Cemetery in St. Chrysostome.

It is not clear what Rachel's last name was.
Rachel Dinaud (1807-1856) is listed as the wife of Robert in the church burial records.
Rachel Jeremie (1807-1856) is listed as the wife of Robert on their tombstone in the Russeltown Church Cemetery.

To complicate matters, the names "Rachel" and "Archance" are listed on different baptism records.
Mother of John Graham : Rachel
Mother of Alexander : Archance ?
Mother of Simon : Archance ?
Mother of William : Archance Bernice ?
Mother of Mary / Margaret : Archance ?