Isabella and her husband John Stalker immigrated to Nova Scotia Canada in 1827 on the brig Thetis.
Thetis of Greenock was a 315 ton brig which landed in Pictou Nova Scotia on April 4, 1827 with 30 passengers.
They settled in Kenzieville, Pictou County, Nova Scotia.
Isabella Rennie 1802

 All of the children were born in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Ann married Simon Bannerman
Margaret married James Sutherland (1832-1908)
Grace Ellen Patrick married Simon Bannerman
Elizabeth married William Cavanagh
Isabella married James Cavanagh
John married Nancy Sutherland
    John Rennie Stalker (1875-1960)
    Agnes Jane Stalker (1883-1894)
    Elizabeth Janet Stalker (1885-1980)
Jean married Alex Smith
James married Jessie Chisholm (1846-1923)