I have been interested in my family tree ever since my father got a copy of J. Gamble's Rennie Family tree in the 1960's.
Mr. Gamble's Family Tree deals mainly with Rennies that settled around Huntingdon and their descendants.
I have an electronic copy of this book if anybody is looking for one.

My father, Willis Rennie (1929-1996), was the last Rennie born in the original Henry Rennie homestead in Hinchinbrooke.
His father James Edgar (Eddie) Rennie (1899-1972) sold the farm to James Massey in the 1930's.

The information in this web site is provided free of charge for Rennies and related families and is not to be used for commercial purposes. I will be glad to provide links to related family trees.

In assembling this website, I was fortunate to be able to tap into family tree research done by others. I would like to thank everyone who provided me with information and pointed me in the right directions. I would especially like to thank James Rennie of the Isle of Skye, Scotland for his assistance. James is a distant cousin and assisted his father James Edwin Rennie in documenting much of the early Rennie history in the book "Rennies of Kilsyth".

Mike Rennie